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Buyer Mistakes

Mistake #1
Hiring the cheapest Inspector. A good home inspection takes time and attention to detail. Do you want a inspector who is thinking about how fast he can get done? Or, a home inspector that is thinking about your safety? Your new home and investment is important to us. Our customer base comes from referals, so we want you to be satisfied with the inspection report.  Think "quality" and "piece of mind".

Mistake #2
Letting the agent pick the inspector. Lets think about this one. The agent is the one who only profits if the house actually sells and closes. The agent might pick the home inspector who finds the fewest errors. The inspector could be motivated to report less to make the realtor happy. Do you want the inspector who relies on a realtor for referals? A good realtor will give you a list of names to choose from. That list should be from an unbiased source.

Mistake #3
Not getting the house inspected. It is easy to overlook or not notice some costly deficiencies. When looking for your new home your concern is more how will the furniture fit or is there enough cabinet space. The Home Inspector does not have an emotional interest in the house. The Inspection Report will be a snapshot of the houses true condition at the time of the home inspection. The home inspection report will be a useful tool in negotiating with the seller, planning repairs and purchases. The home inspector is your final line of defense against buying a money pit.

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