Framing Inspection

This is the last chance to inexpensively correct problems such as: Incorrect plumbing, missing electrical outlets, missing insulation, fire blocking, poor ductwork routing and bad framing.

Coppel Texas home Inspection framing stage

New Home Inspections

Does a New Home Need an Inspections? The simple answer is yes! Let's explore some aspects of home building. First the builder is motivated to make a profit from the contruction of the house. Therefore, the builder is forced to control cost as much as possible. Sometimes this equates to using cheaper labor or inferior parts and supplies. The subcontractor who bids the lowest is motivated to do their part with the least expense and effort to profit as mush as they can. This subcontractor is also trying to get as many jobs in a day that they can to make up for the low bids they offer. We also have to wonder why they are the cheapist? Is it from lack of experience? I have seen final stages of framing missing key support in load bearing walls. Missing electrical connections, open ductwork in wall spaces. All that would be concealed by sheetrock and unknown to the home buyer. And remember I mentioned parts? The builder might substitute a less expensive part over the correct part to save a few dollars. Often this item will go unnoticed for years by the home buyer until a situation occurs. Such as moisture intrusion, mechanical break down or even compromised safety. The quality of life and the house can suffer. Even with a concencious builder who is trying to provide a quality product is still at the mercy of subcontractors, time constrants, budget issues and the overall complexity of the modern home. New safety devices like the Arc Fault Breaker come out or building codes change. Sometimes things just get overlooked. It is always better to have another set of eyes looking at your new investment.

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